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If you’re a marketer looking for in-house control of your mobile marketing campaigns and services, you can license the BOGO NV Mobile Platform , with the power and flexibility to launch and change campaigns using your creative and production teams. The BOGO NV

Mobile Platform is a complete solution that includes a suite of software applications for mobile marketing and messaging, mobile site creation, mobile-enabling Web sites, and content delivery. The BOGO NV Platform’s templates minimize the time and effort to launch your campaigns. Most importantly, licensing the platform provides you with access to advanced campaign analytics and reports to follow the performance of your campaigns. Included with a license to the BOGO NV Mobile platform is training that will make you self-sufficient in mobile marketing.

As a marketer, the BOGO NV Mobile platform license helps to:

  • Eliminate the challenge of coordinating the work of multiple vendors, incompatible technologies and repeated ad-hoc integration
  • Remove the cost of vendor-supplied integration and technology development
  • Regain control over campaign creation, management and analysis
  • Reduce the complexity of launching industry-best-practice compliant campaigns
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