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Mobile Marketing

BOGO has connections to the Mobile Marketing association, and has successfully finished the certification program for licensing in mobile marketing.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the premier global non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain. With more than 700 member companies. The MMA’s primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensible part of the marketing mix. The MMA works to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide. The MMA’s global headquarters are located in the United States and it has regional chapters including North America (NA), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America (LATAM), and Asia Pacific (APAC) branches.

Our Customers

BOGO Mobile Marketing works with local and international customers from a wide range of industries, with particular focus on marketing and ad agencies, brands, content owners, media, entertainment companies , retailers, and various local social services.

Our services, technology and expertise can help anyone add the mobile component to their business.bogosuriname

The BOGO Mobile Platform solution shows how easy it is to build an extensive customer database for driving retail traffic without complex back-end integration.

BOGO NV, Business On the Go

BOGO NV is a driven and strategic office which segments in marketing and communication, with its headquarters established in Paramaribo, Suriname.
Due to our experienced marketing and communication advisors, who are equipped with great experience in different branches, we guarantee the right strategic focus on every bottleneck of one’s business.

Choose focus, choose BOGO NV

BOGO NV brings focus, direction, and structure in marketing and communication.
Whether you’re looking for the right marketing and communication plan, a creative campagne or media planning. We start with your positioning. We dare to take a critical look at your organisation, your company’s strategy and ofcourse your distinctive features.
By focussing on the right aspects, we always deliver results-oriented advice in marketing and communication.

Research & Analysis

BOGO NV distinguishes itself by its high knowledge and experience level in marketing and communication. B2B or B2C marketing, product marketing, external and internal communication and direct mobile marketing, are just a few examples of our knowledge.
We feel at home when researching and analysing different bottlenecks in marketing and communication in various lines of business.
Knowledge and experience which we apply for your business’ top result!

Implementation & Organisation

Each marketing and communication question requires its own approximation and unique interpretation.
From our involved approach, we provide strategic marketing and communication advice, entirely matched on your company, your situation and your problem.
This debouches into a marketing plan, market research, communication campaign, social media strategy or media planning, just to throw in a few examples.
You are also at our service for supervision and development of your marketing tools and communication expressions, such as brochures, newsletters, and websites.
We are in close collaboration with third parties, with which you can be in direct contact with. This results in the right results for every marketing and communication assignment!


Marketing and communication route:

Depending on your question, you will receive a quotation containing the working hours.
Benefit: clearness in advance!

Marketing and communication rules:

Benefit: You can make use of our services for a long term period and have a transparent look into the timesheet to view the actual hours spent on each section of the project.

Marketing and communication account:

Your benefit: hours which can be used immediately, without the need for a separate quotation for every command.

Marketing and communication sessions

Brainstorm sessions and workshops in the fields of positioning, image & identity, reputation management, concepting and much more.
We develop a proper program for every need.

Your benefit: a marketing and communication method that generates involvement and inspiration.

Mobile marketing

With our own mobile marketing platform we are able to integrate traditional communication channels with mobile marketing, from social media integration to sending text messages and the linking of mobile websites, BOGO NV has profiled itself as expert in mobile marketing integration whithin communication strategies.

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