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Top 10 mobile advertising campaigns from the first half of 2014

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L’Oreal, Burger King and Nissan are among the brands leading the way so far this year in taking mobile advertising strategy to the next level through enhanced targeting, greater interactivity and native experiences.

While mobile ad budgets continue to grow, too many campaigns are simply shrunken down versions of a desktop program. However, towards the middle of 2014, there was a flurry of activity from big brands pushing the enveloped on mobile creative and tactics.

A big focus during the first half of 2014 was on moving beyond location to leverage a range of data available about consumers for more targeted strategies. Additionally, brands added uniquely mobile interactive elements and crafted impactful native experiences.

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Here are the top 10 mobile advertising campaigns of the first half of 2014, in alphabetical order.

Burger King’s self-serve ads set stage for bigger mobile commitment
In June, Burger King began testing a way to deliver mobile coupons to consumers inside a geofence using a self-serve ad platform.

The ads promote the chain’s breakfast menu and are appearing on premium mobile sites such as Pandora. The ad unit itself exists as an overlay on top of the site or app being browsed, meaning consumers are not redirected to another site when they click on an ad.

By creating, deploying and measuring geotargeted rich media mobile ads itself instead of working with multiple vendors, Burger King is setting the stage for both a bigger commitment to mobile advertising and a pivot away from traditional banner ads.

The test is being conducted at five locations using FunMobility’s Mobile Engagement Platform, which has built-in audience targeting capabilities. It entails consumers inside a one-mile geofence receiving a coupon that can be saved to their devices.

The ads are being deployed as part of an A/B test comparing their impact against standard banner ads using comparable creative, offers and audience targeting.

Hershey’s unleashes sponsored mobile data opportunity with video campaign
With mobile data use growing as well as consumers’ concerns over how much they are paying for the data, Hershey’s is one of the first brands to offer to sponsor data costs for consumers who watch a video for its Scharffen Berger chocolate brand.

The ads recently ran as banners in the Pandora iPhone app as part of AT&T’s new sponsored data program, which was introduced earlier this year. The sponsored content was only available to mobile users with an AT&T plan.

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